8 Observations: Millennial Usage of Tech in 2015

#1 Digital payments took off. We’ve had Paypal since 1998, but it was the emergence of mobile-focused digital payment services like Venmo and Square Cash that really caused the category to take off.

#2. SnapChat is a force. By adding filters, geotagging and lenses, SnapChat has become the most used social media app of my friends. Instagram and Facebook are still used, but the disappearing nature of SnapChat generates more usage.

#3 Fitbit is trending. Fitbits are being given away for free or can be purchased at reduced prices through employers.

#4 Airbnb is catching fire. 2015 was the year we tried Airbnb for the first time. Many of us had great experiences so I expect to see a lot more usage in 2016.

#5 Uber or Lyft? We have both apps downloaded on our phones and choose the cheaper option. No brand loyalty here.

#6 A large percentage of our social media interactions moved into messaging services. I have two groups of friends on iChat. Another just moved from Whatsapp to GroupMe because we wanted more gif/meme functionality. No clear category winner.

#7 We have multiple streaming services – sometimes up to 5 accounts across Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go and ShowTime. Cable is still paid for, but no one watches live TV except for sports. We stream the latest shows through apps on our SmartTVs or Chromecast.

#8 Music? One word: Spotify. It’s pervasive.


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