Wow, time goes by fast. Five years ago, I was inspired to start an annual tradition where I post my top ten experiences of the past year. Here’s the list from 2015:

10. Broatmeal


A new tradition was started in the summer of 2015: Broatmeal. Its simple. Six guys eat oatmeal every Wednesday morning at Simpls (broatmeal = “bros” eating oatmeal).

What if Whole Foods and 7Eleven had a baby? Simpls offers high-quality grab and go food options and was started by two of our good friends Ryan and Mike, who won the food division of the Minnesota Cup in 2015. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t!

9. Making Traditions

Two first time experiences in 2014 became 2015 mainstays:

Sailing on Lake Harriet

Happy to report the 2015 sailing season saw less turtling and we were able to get a buoy only a short row from the dock. Much improved over 2014.


Made the trip back to Wadena for some hunting. Although I came up empty handed, it ended up being a record year for our hunting party with three 8-point bucks.

Torchlight 5K

Ran the Torchlight 5K again…albeit much slower than in 2014. Hopefully it was just a down year and this won’t become a trend.

8. Weddings


We spent six weekends lighting up the dance floor…well maybe it was just Karla.

7. Bash Bros Dominate 2015

Overcoming insurmountable odds and one shoulder surgery (note Riley’s sling in the picture for #6), the Bash Bros took down the Good ‘Ol Boys late in the golf season. I smell more trouble for the Boys in 2016.

6. Neil Diamond

Embed from Getty Images

In the same vein as 2014’s trip to see Jerry Seinfeld, I was able to scratch another lifelong dream off the list by seeing Neil Diamond at the Xcel Energy Center. Despite the average age in attendance being 70, I felt right at home signing along to “The Neil.” He still has it.

5. Big News from Zipnosis


We raised a Series A from Safeguard and Ascension Ventures which means game on in 2016!

4. Trip to Seattle


In May, Karla and I spent a weekend in Seattle. We loved the clam chowder at Pike’s Place, seeing the Mariners win and the view from the ferry on its way to Bainbridge Island (which you can see in the picture above).

3. Trip to Boston/Maine/Cape Cod


Speaking of clam chowder…Karla and I spent a week in New England in June. Maine was by far our favorite destination where amongst the tranquility I took down a giant lobster fresh off the boat.

2. Karla Graduated and Started Her Job!


2015 was a big year for Karla or should I say…Dr. Wallner. She graduated from PT school and started her dream job as a pediatric physical therapist!

1. We Got Engaged!


But she won’t be Dr. Wallner for long! After seven years, I finally pulled the trigger at the U of M golf course. I’m so thankful she said yes after I nervously pulled my tee shot into the bunker…

Cheers to a great 2015 and for what is sure to be an exciting 2016!


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